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Benefits of Wooden Handrails at Home

Most people will never use stairs that have no handrails because they need to hold onto them to feel secure. If you live with children or seniors in the house, it is compulsory to have handrails to prevent accidents on the stairs. Handrails add elegance to the interior decor. Here are the reasons you need wood handrails at home.

Wooden handrails are made from various hardwood trees to meet the preferences of different customers. Some hardwood trees make handrails that are harder and a little bit more durable than others. Generally, hardwood handrails are long-lasting because they are resistant to decay when exposed to moisture. You can polish the handrails by sanding and refinishing them occasionally so that they remain attractive for long.

The handrails come in a variety of colors and designs to enhance the interior design. These wood species have various colors ranging from dark to light shades. The experts can add oils and stains of different colors to make the hardwood have a particular shade of color especially white and grey. There are pre-finished and unfinished wood handrails for you to choose. You will need to cover the unfinished handrails with a protective layer, so that does not get damaged.

Compared to handrails of other materials like stainless steel, these handrails are cost-effective. Their durability makes them worth spending your money on.

They are environment-friendly because they decay when you decide to renovate the house in the future and dispose of the old wooden handrails. Metallic and plastic handrails add waste to the environment because they do not decay.

Wood handrails are not as costly to maintain than other types of handrails. You will use minimum efforts and time to clean these handrails because dirt, dust, and debris do not build upon them quickly. Use a wet piece of cloth and cleaning spray to keep the wood handrails clean.

The engineers use less time to install the handrails because they are quick to install. You will not pay much money to the contractors who charge at an hourly rate to install the wood handrails for you. Install them correctly for them to last longer.

The wood floor is durable for long and are so popular that you will be able to sell the house at a higher price if you renovate the house with these handrails. They have been there since decades ago but they still remain classy.

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