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A Few Things to Know Regarding the Royal Caribbean Drink Package Guide

When you would be going for the Royal Caribbean cruise, then you will be seeing an offer to buy such unlimited Royal Caribbean drink package. As a matter of fact, their beverage packages are very famous among those cruise-goers with at half of them buying the package on any one of such cruise ships.

The cruises can be fun but they actually cost so much money. For several years, cruises have been looking for methods to actually reduce the expenses on board. With the things that are on board almost costing you a lot of money at times, it is quite a good that Royal Caribbean came up with such drink package which would help you enjoy the cruise without stressing on the costs, the drink costs at least.

This kind of drink package comes with 4 unlimited drink packages which are meant to help in cutting the costs on the drinks while aboard such RCCL ship. You may have refreshment, soda, deluxe and water package. Through the upfront fee for every cruise, then you can purchase unlimited access to the different drinks with the packages offered.

You should be aware of the drink policy prior to boarding the ship. Long gone are the days when cruises actually allowed the cruise-goers to bring soda, water and milk packets. Royal Caribbean has strictly implemented the policy of no bringing of beverage. They would confiscate and they are going to dispose any drink that they find in the checked luggage. What is just exempted is having two 750 ml of wine bottles in every stateroom.

Just similar to the other cruises, the RCCL may provide some drinks for free all through the day, in every day of the cruise. You may get these drinks from the dining room, the buffet area and also onshore at the cruise line’s private islands. They would include coffee, lemonade, tea, milk, juices, iced tea, hot chocolates, flavored waters and several others.

You may get such deluxe beverage package. The RCC used to have many unlimited alcohol packages for the guests but such changed in 2016 and made only one package. By having such deluxe beverage package, you may get all drink types including wine, beer, soda, cocktails, water, teas as well as premium coffee. With the deluxe package, you can have the mother of all drink packages. This will include the different kinds of drinks that you want to have on board. A great thing with this package is that you can get all the types of drinks from non-alcoholic to alcoholic. This means that you can surely spend for something worth it since you will be needing many types of drinks for several occasions on the cruise.
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